Elemental CranioSacral Work 1: Being in the Cranial Field

~21 CE Credit Hours with NCBTMB~ 

Elemental CranioSacral Work (ECSW) reimagines CranioSacral Work from inside-out, almost literally. Nature and Nurture are blended, and examined, for their influences on the spirit and forms of human beings. Technique is taught and demonstrated, but the true emphasis is on Presence and Feeling, rather than Thinking and Doing. This is the foundational course in this method.

 The focus of this course is on personal preparation--on the student's careful self-cultivation and mindfulness as fulcrums for facilitating healing in others. We will examine anatomy and physiology in some depth, learn the history of CranioSacral Work in its many--and varying--manifestations, explore complimentary philosophical approaches to healing in general, study the 4 dimensional body (that's right!), learn effective healing hands-on techniques, and most importantly, we will learn by concepts, rather than byrote memorization or technical mimicry of demonstrations. One has to feel in order to heal!

On the final day of the course, students will break into small groups and apply what they have learned to develop their own unique and specialized hands-on contacts, which they will then demonstrate to the class for feedback and constructive dialogue. The intent of this method of learning is to foster a sense of ownership in the student, a sense that this work is truly organic and flows through them and around them, and can, like the wind, the stars, the ocean, the birds--lead them onward, into the possibilities of the present moment, in the context of the world at-large, as well as that incredible reservoir of healing which is within. 

Much of the inspiration for this course is Brian's internalization and personal experience of the writings and concepts and, often enough, the work of the old osteopathic doctors who relied almost solely on the natural gifts of the body to heal, rather than by introducing fixes. The Feldenkrais Method and biodynamic approaches to Craniosacral Therapy also have played a large role in sculpting the contours of this work. Finally, Brian brings to bear his own rich  and many experiences in bodywork and history traveling the world, as well as his seemingly disparate explorations in the Classical piano repertoire, archery, and forays into anthropology.

Cost: $450 There is an early bird discount to $400, if paid in full by February 15, 2018. Deposit is $200, the remaining balance to be due 14 days before the class start date.   

Prerequisites:  > 150 hour Massage Program, or equivalent.


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