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The word Elemental may be defined as "that which is related to or embodying the powers of Nature." Webster's online disctionary defines it as the "basic or essential constituent of something." It can also be thought of as relating to the Four Powers of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire--or to the 4 Winds, or 4 Cardinal Directions.  In chemistry, an element is a susbstance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances. All together, I mean this word as a combination of all of these: that working in the subtle realms of the Cranial Field, we can quickly realize that the Spirit of Nature flows vitally through our bodies. There is a power greater than what we can wholly perceive in our abilities to heal and renew ourselves. It is something foundational, essential, and primary, in our experiences of Life. This subtle power imbues and restores us. We can work with it. We can flow within it.

This specialized healing work is the maturing fruit of years of my own experience, research and reflection. It is my very personal distillation of various approaches to working with the grand and beautiful Central Nervous System--and thereby, with the human body as a whole. Specifically, my work is influenced by the Osteopathic writings of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, Dr. William Sutherland's Cranial Osteopathy, the writings of Dr. Robert Fulford D.O., Emanuel Swedenborg, and my own personal study with Hugh Milne, D.O., Giorgia Milne, and Dr. Michael Shea. I should note, that I am not currently affiliated with nor educated directly by any teachings from the Upledger Institute.

My certification in this field is with the Milne Institute, which teaches and certifes pratitioners in Visionary Craniosacral Work. This lovely approach to working with the human system derives much of its benefit from working with the poetry of the body--as the evolving form of Spirit moving through and around us. As I have integrated this work over the years and made it my own, craniosacral work has become a cornerstone of my practice. It is inherently about perceiving and listening--to the person, to the system, to the body--and seeking to give the client what he or she needs to actualize--with benefits!--the outer manifestation of the inner journey.

I also have training in Biodynamic Cranial Touch, whose tab on this page I refer the reader to, for more in-depth information. To be brief, this particular style of working relies strictly on the body and field of the patient to manifest all of the healing from within. Whereas the essential activity in Visionary Craniosacral Work is inherently a dance between the hands of the practitioner and the internal rythyms of the patient, here there is only the Breath of Life--of Nature. Skill on the practitioner's part is confined solely to compassionate presence--to the deepest Presence and patience that can be cultivated--and in that Presence rests the greatest unfolding of the Spirit within the form. There is no intervention, no correction, no attempt at improvement. In such a place--antithetical to almost all our modern healing traditions--the potential for release from symptoms is very great, indeed.

Elemental CranioSacral Work™ is a marriage of Visionary Craniosacral Work and Biodynamic Cranial Touch, with an admixture of Dreamwork and influenced by somatic inquiry practices, such as Feldenkrais and the Hakomi Method. I don't believe in working in only one way. I like to have many tools and roads available to take, for myself and my clients. I feel my clients deserve as much as that. But to be a bit more specific, Elemental CranioSacral Work™ incorporates very effective techniques I have developed on my own, different than those of my previous trainings, and novel ways of applying them, as well. There is some sacred geometry involved, discussion with the arteries, spirit work, and so on. 

Now, in clinical terms, the practitioner of thie way looks to discover, by very fine and delicate finger pressures and hand placements, the flexion and extension cycles of the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid within the central nervous system. While everybody is different, the human body generally performs in expected ways, with regards to the movement patterns of the 22 bones of the skull, the vertebrae, sacrum and pelvic bones, and any resistance within that field of movement (or lack thereof) is typically a sign of distress, tension and/or trauma. A sensitive practitioner can feel this reduction in movement, and with careful palpation and a following of the accepted, present motions, can often assist the client in a return to a healthier way of functioning at the site of experienced discomfort.

Elemental CranioSacral Work™ encourages and edifies, the movement already present in a client--anywhere in the body--and in doing so, the held or stuck patterns will often "let go" and return to a healthier motion pattern. The body wants to be healthy. Despite what we may occasionally experience, our bodies are always striving to return to a state of ease and grace. When we return movement to a place of prior stagnation, dis-ease can be released, muscles can return to healthy tension patterns, and the hormonal, lymph, skeletal and respiratory systems can function at their best. The Central Nervous System, after all, is the master of the physical organism.

Elemental CranioSacral Work™ is excellent for treating:

~tension headaches
~cluster headaches
~jaw pain
~vertigo (occasionally)
~whiplash injury
~hormonal issues (treated first by an endocrinologist, please)
~mild depression (for more serious conditions, please see a licensed mental health practitioner)
~mild personality changes (treated first by a licensed mental health practitioner)
~concussion (treated first by a physician or neurologist)
~feelings of being "lost"
~feelings of disconnection from self or of "not being in the body"
~feelings of not being able to "see the way ahead"

Please contact me if you do not see your experienced condition on this list.

"We conclude that when the fluids of the body are stopped in the fascia, organs and other parts of the system, stagnation, fermentation, heat and general confusion will follow ..." ~Andrew Taylor Still

"Sickness is an effect caused by the stoppage of some supply of fluid or quality of life."
~Autobiography of A. T. Still

"My life goes on in endless song, above Earth's lamentations. I hear the real, though far-off hymn, that hails a new Creation." ~from the song, How Can I Keep From Singing?

"Man, before he is being regenerated, does not even know that any internal man exists, much less is he acquainted with its nature and quality." ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

"Not my will, but thy will be done." ~Luke 22:42