Therapeutic Massage

striped massage

I offer therapeutic massage, meaning that this work is designed to help people get further into the tissues to resolve musculoskeletal adhesions, traumas, ischemia (tightness) and other tensions.

Connective Tissue Therapy, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) and Neuromuscular Therapy are the foundations of the therapeutic work that I do. Both are slow, deliberate and patient forms of working with the ground substance and connective tissues that house the muscles and govern, to a great extent, their tonus, range of motion and overall functionality. By keeping a low table height, I am able to use my own body weight to "sink into" the client's tissues at the pace his or her body is willing to work with me. This means that I do not push or insist or make the muscles submit to treatment. My work is designed to go no further or deeper than the client is willing to go, but it can be quite deep.

Please note, that in working with specific body sites that are causing concern for you, I will take your entire structure and function into account, because there is no one part of the body that operates on an island, so to speak. Shoulders injuries, for example, are almost always related to temporal bone, diaphragm, hip, knee and foot performance as well.

*Note: Though I am well-trained in Swedish Massage, it is not a modality I consistently offer, nor one my clients often ask for. If you would like a relaxing massage that consists of conventional Spa-like treatment offerings, or modalities such as lomilomi, shiatsu, Thai massage or hot-stone treatments, I am happy to refer you to healers I trust. Please see the Resources page for contacts.

**I do NOT offer "sensual massage" here. Men will always be draped at least over the pelvis. Women will always be draped at least over the chest and pelvis.