About Brian

I was born in Atlanta, Ga. in 1975. My first real passion was playing the piano--classical piano, though later I discovered the blues and later still, jazz. I loved the way I felt in the music I played, the emotions my body could conjure up with a few notes struck under my hands and fingers. Playing the piano became my life, and after years of the diversions, self-exploration and reinvention of the self that we all seem to go through, I found my true life calling in helping people with those same hands.

I wanted to help make a difference in people's lives. I thought, in the beginning of my practice, just out of massage school in 2003, that I could fix things, eliminate dis-ease--rescue people. I was wrong, but along the way I realized that regardless of whether I used massage or cranial work I could help many people just by being present--by showing up!--and listening to them and to the living, attentive tissues that make up their bodies. I've enjoyed being a facilitator and witness to tremendous changes in many peoples' lives, and though I have helped to "fix" problems, I know that true healing is always dependent on the wishes and attitudes of my clients: we heal when we are ready to. And especially, we heal when we let ourselves.

I am here to help connect people to their deeper selves, to the One that flows within the forms and formless, that spins the dreams of humanity, that tells our stories but is itself just the storyteller.

To help people in this way, I don't restrict my continuing education to hands-on therapies. I read books and papers on anthropology--the study of human development, culturally, physiologically, spiritually, etc. I'm mostly interested in the ways and means that our bodies have changed over the generations, in response to external social and environmental (epigenetic) forces and how these forces have in turn shaped our internal organization. 

I live in Weaverville, NC with my beautiful wife, Katie. If I'm not in session, playing my piano, soccer, gardening, practicing archery, or hiking, I'm studying, reading and writing. But I am always exploring.

Brian Loftin, LMBT #13797

AMTA insured, Member #157595

NCBTMB Provider# 858336

2003 Graduate of the Florida School of Massage


2010 Graduate of the Milne Institute; Certified in Visionary Craniosacral Work™


Studied Biodynamic Cranial Touch with Giorgia Milne


2012 Graduate of the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming, Level Two Teacher Training


2017 Graduate of 100 hour Spirit of Learning Teacher Training Program at Body Therapy Institute


Brian lives in Weaverville, North Carolina with his beautiful wife, Katie.