Q & A

Here are some common questions I am sometimes asked:

Q: Do you offer outcalls?

A: Yes, I do. I charge a nominal $10 outcall fee, in addition to the session fee.

Q: Do you offer relaxation massage?

A: Yes. Most therapists consider this a request for Swedish Massage, which I am trained in.

Q: Do you use oil? I don't like feeling greasy after a session.

A: No. I use my own homemade salve, and occasionally organic shea butter. I don't like feeling greasy either!

Q: Do you offer gift certificates? 

A: Yes, I do. Please contact me for more information on this.

Q: Can you accomodate a couples session, for both of us at the same time?

A: It depends. I work alone, but I can arrange for another LMBT to join me for a couple's session. 

Q: I'm a naturist and like receiving sessions in the nude. It's ok, though. I'm safe. Can you do a session for me?

A: Only if you are either clothed or draped. I cannot work with uncovered nude clients, by law. Sorry!

Q: Do you do shamanic work?

A: I do work that many people might consider shamanic, but I don't call it that. I work with what Arnold Mindell calls the Dreaming Body. That's the easiest way I can explain it. 

Q: Do you work on a sliding scale?

A: Yes, certainly. 

Q: Can I book with you online?

A: Please do! You may visit my Appointments or Home page and simply click on the link that says "Schedule Now."

Q: Do you trade with other bodyworkers?

A: I am not currently trading. I am happy to trade work if you would like to trade payments. I find things stays clean that way.

Q: Do you plan on teaching classes?

A: Yes. When I feel I know enough to teach, I'll set up courses publically.

Q: Why do you keep such a low table?

A: So that I can use my bodyweight rather than strength. There's a huge difference between the two, and I'm sure you can guess which is more effective for both people.

Q: Do you offer sessions with two therapists [4-hand sessions]?

A: Yes, I do. My jaw sessions frequently require two therapists.

Q: Are you a medical intuitive or a psychic? 

A:  One of my goals in healing work is to help cultivate this ability within my clients--the ability to perceive that which the Western mind either can't or won't. The best psychics (and I know some great ones!) are still no better than a self-aware and inwardly curious person.

Q: Do you work with chakras?

A: Not intentionally. Depending on your beliefs, there are between 0 and millions of chakras in the body proper. So I don't want to relegate my work to just 3, or 7, or 8, etc. It's all open to me. And your beliefs are what count--not mine.

Q: Do you do energy work?

A: Everything is already energy. I work only with you, which includes your energy. 

Q: Do you work with spirits?

A: I can answer this in a consultation.

Q: Do you channel ancestors or energies?

A: In my opinion, we don't have to "channel" anything to connect with ancestors and "energies."

Q: What's the difference between Active Dreaming and Lucid Dreaming?

A: Good Question! Lucid dreaming is being actively aware that you are dreaming. Active Dreaming is going a step further and interacting with your dreaming, much as you would in waking life with anything or anyone around you. In fact, the practice of Active Dreaming is devoted to the notion that there is really not much difference between waking and dreaming life. One can interact with and live in the Dreaming, for the benefit of the "waking" life! The medium between the two is the body.

Q: Is there a difference between bodywork given by a man versus bodywork given by a woman?

A: Unless you're at the Esalen Institute in California, no.

Q: Two trains leave a station. One leaves Grand Central Station at 1:32pm, bound for Greenville, SC. The other leaves Greenville, SC for Grand Central Station on the same day at 3:47pm. Assuming a average velocity of 55mph for the first train and (owing to numerous stops and a brief waitstaff strike in the dining car) 43mph for the second train, at what point will the two trains pass each other?

A: I have no idea.

A: This South American lake drains into the smaller Lake Poopo in Bolivia.

Q: What is Lake Titicaca?