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"As an integrative physical therapist myself, I'm always on the lookout for 'good hands.' Brian not only has excellent hands but his ability to tap into areas of your body that you didn't even know exist is amazing! He's intuitive, compassionate, and truly a gifted healer. Brian is able to go into the depths of your body both physically and emotionally with such ease and gentleness. To say that he's "just a massage therapist" doesn't do Brian justice. He's a treasure to anyone who crosses paths with him and I for one am blessed to be one of those people. Thank you, Brian, for unlocking the barriers within my body so that I can freely live my life's vision." Susie G., Asheville (from Yelp)

"Brian, my session with you was super helpful, it sort of tied together my body and mind that is rare to experience and hard to describe. I had visions during the session, not a normal occurence for me, but I was in a completely sober and clear state, and I left the table feeling whole and separate from you without any loose ends, clear and self-contained. My body felt deeply acknowledged, calm, integrated and I felt that sense that I could "level up"--you held the space, and I could rearrange within it. You were not lost in an archetype, not a know-it-all (or be-it-all or do-it-all LOL)--you were simply present with me. Thank you, Brian. You are not only highly skilled but also self-aware and ethical, a rare combo! Cheers." ~ Tess B

"There is something profound about working with Brian. It's hard to describe in words what he "does," but it's more like who he is--and that presence allows me to find the healing journey for myself. There's no ego, and I don't feel like I'm going to be scolded for not doing exercises or told what or what not to eat. It's bigger than that, but more challenging. He's like a reflector, a bridge, and sometimes a guide, and I'm really grateful that he's here." ~ Kate K. (from Yelp)

"My 90 minute deep tissue massage from therapist Brian Loftin was outstanding. Brian made sure I was comfortable the entire session. His technique was powerful--healing and ultimately invigorating. In addition to the deep work on the typical areas of the neck, shoulders, back and legs, he massaged my jaw and Psoas muscles of my stomach which helped to provide ample relief from lower back pain and tightness. I would highly recommend Brian for an uplifting massage experience, especially if you're up for deep pressure work." ~ Matthew S.

"This is Sonoma County, let's face it, real estate agents and massage therapists are everywhere. Everyone knows at least six personally, and you can't throw a stone at the Farmer's Market without hitting one.

Brian is special though. I'm a baker and a waittress, and I tend to wear my shoulders as earrings after a long work week. In our first session, Brian knew right away which spots to focus on, and how to ask my jaw to relax. He has a quiet, intuitive nature and spends time just listening to my aches and pains. He talks with my muscles and they seem to acquiesce willingly. I don't feel bruised and beaten when he's finished but relaxed and grounded.

Some body workers try to force the muscles into submission but not Brian. He has a strong but gentle hand causing the knots to fade away peacefully and the muscles to slip easily back into their assigned positions.

I'm a single mom with a small, discretionary budget. Usually I'd prefer to spend that money on a movie with my kid or having cocktails with friends. Dreambodywork is so totally worth sacrificing those things. Brian is both therapist and bodyworker, and it's obvious he cares a great deal and has taken the time to really hone his craft. Frankly, I think he's pretty amazing." ~ Trishia D. (from Yelp)

"Brian Loftin is a sensitive and effective bodyworker. He uses a wide range of techniques from deep massage to light, energetic, craniosacral therapy work to release areas of tension. He understands the wisdom of the body's capacity to heal and follows cues from my body as well as his own insights into how to best facilitate the session. During each session I have had the freedom to explore places of holding and ultimately realize that I can simply let go. As I let go, physical tension as well as unnecessary mental constructs dissolve. At the end of each session, I feel relaxed, open, and at peace.

I also bring my teen-aged daughter to Brian for help with TMJ dysfunction. He was masterful at building the trust of her as a teenager, so that he can release her jaw tension and teach her to be aware of when she is clenching. She says that sessions with Brian are the most effective bodywork sessions she has had. His range of cranial work has helped her jaw to soften and has vastly decreased her pain.

Overall, Brian is one of the best practitioners I have experienced." ~ Kelly A.

"I was fortunate enough to receive a massage from Brian. It was a great experience from beginning to end. He was very attentive to my needs and wanted to get a clear picture of what I was expecting from him. His energy is calming, yet assertive. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology make him a very trusting therapist. Brian used "slow and deliberate" movements and was able to get very deep into my muscles. He was open to adjusting pressure to my comfort level. I had a sore upper back going into the massage and left feeling energized, taller, and relieved of discomfort. I highly recommend Brian for a massage. I will most definitely go back to him and pass the word along to friends." ~ Margaret S.

"I have been going to massage therapists for almost 20 years. I have had a few mediocre massages, many good massages, and a few great massages. Brian is in a category virtually unmatched.

Brian is a unique combination of talent, experience, knowledge, and passion...Brian is, quite simply, an amazing professional, an honorable man and a decent human being." ~ Kimberly S. (from Yelp)

"It's hard to do justice to Brian's work, and calling it massage counts as reductio ad absurdum in the extreme. Brian is a healer, and if you are brave and/or open, his holistic approach will extend past massage to an array of techniques to uncover what's bothering you and how it's playing out in your body.He will then become your partner in remedying those issues whether the source is the mind or the body.It was crushing to find Brian in San Francisco so close to his move to Sebastopol [CA], but my loss is West Marin's gain." ~ Stephanie L. (from Yelp)

"You're setting me free. It's amazing." ~ P.P.