What You Can Expect From Me

cowboy stance

I take my job and role as your therapist very seriously and to heart. To that end, I list below the expectations you can have of me in our work together. Please let me know if you have any questions about these points. 

  • I will be present for you.
  • I will be grounded. 
  • I will honor your boundaries and mine.
  • Your agenda is the one I will serve--not my own.
  • I work best when I am given free reign to conduct a session as I see it unfold. If, however, you would like me to work in a specific way, I am happy to do so (see previous point).
  • I will only speak when necessary; your session is your time to explore your inner and outer self, and I will not engage in small talk or chit chat unless you want me to.
  • You will be draped during your session, with only the area of your body exposed that I will be working with. This is the law, and it is also for my protection and yours.
  • I will refrain from naming your experience for you, i.e. I will not comment on your body's structural presentation ("tight," "hard," "inflexible," etc.), because I want to reserve this right for your own observation. 
  • I will only offer my professional assessment of your physical condition if you ask me for it.
  • I will take notes in your session, which you are welcome to see, if you wish. 
  • I will do my utmost to meet your therapeutic needs. If my capabilities are not in line with what you are seeking, I am happy to help you locate another therapist to meet your needs.